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Hi guys, here is a great vid for you to watch and share. Sorry that it isn’t embedded, but apparently YouTube can’t cope (or won’t cope?). It is an interview of a previous U.S. government Senator Mike Gravel, now the chairman of the Democracy Foundation. 

  “We’ve not matched the progress in the private sector of technology and science with the ability to govern ourselves in a proper fashion.

We don’t have a democracy. We have a system of representative governments worldwide, and that is not good enough for the people to govern themselves in the 21st century.”


“Corporate America is using our Police Departments as hired thugs.” 
- Captain Ray Lewis


Corporate America is using our Police Departments as hired thugs.”

- Captain Ray Lewis

Watch this one for SURE! Definitely worth your viewing time :)

"We lie to our kids, and then we expect them to be honest. 

This journey tries to relate Fresco’s observations to the theorems of Nobal laureate Konrad Lorenz who, together with Nikolaas Tinbergen, is considered the pioneer of modern ethology. It ends with excerpts from another great work of observation. Two years before his death in 1996, Carl Sagan laid out a choice for humanity in “The Pale Blue Dot - A Vision of Human Future in Space”. Check it out.

This is part two of a series composed of excerpts from a lecture Jacque Fresco gave in Graz, Austria. Thank you again, Leo da Silva, for organizing this event.”

"People come before profit… Humans are amazing creatures, why are we not doing more to save our society, to save our culture? It seems as though we’ve put money over everything else, and I guess we’re out there to say ‘listen! we need more transparency’.